Gregori GHITTI

Dad², husband, skipper, technologies lover, computer scientist, entrepreneur


I'm a computer scientist with more than 15 years experience on several fields finance, law and healthcare and I worked in many countries (Belgium, UK and some missions around the world). I'm addicted in development since my first script in Basic in 1991 and in general in the last technologies!

My interests are the project management, Python, PHP, AI, data science, blockchain, healthcare. I have a very good contact with other ITs, clients or end-users. To stay up to date (yes, I'm curious), I invest numerous hours researching and learning technologies that best fit the task at work.

I enjoy solving complex IT puzzles and see how pieces of an application can fit together. And determine a plan, a strategy, an architecture (more generic possible), to make a successful product and usable for a very long term.

Currently, I'm the CIO and ExCom member of OncoDNA where I manage a team of 15 peoples and high tech developments, with the goal to find the best treatment to help patient to fight the cancer.


Developments in Python, PHP, R

UML, BPMN, Merise

Build complex (Bio)IT architectures

Team and project management

Scrum / Agile / PRINCE2



Professional Experiences

07/2019 - Current
Liège - Belgium

02/2013 - Current
Gosselies - Belgium
CIO and executive committee member
02/2013 - 07/2017
Gosselies - Belgium
IT Consultant

02/2014 - 08/2017
Gosselies - Belgium
Security Officer

07/2010 - 02/2013
Gosselies - Belgium
IT manager

01/2010 - 06/2010
London - UK
Web Consultant

DEXIA SDC - Elantis
08/2004 - 12/2009
DEXIA SDC - Elantis
Liège. Belgium
Analyst Programmer R&D

02/2004 - 05/2004
Herstal. Belgium




ITIL V3 foundation


PRINCE2 foundation


PRINCE2 practitioner


PSM1: Scrum Master


SMAC: Scrum master


SPOAC: Product owner


Agile Scrum Foundation


Information Security Foundation


SCAC: Scrum Coach


Methods of bioinformatics I


Methods of bioinformatics II


Blockchain Expert


Mathematical Optimization for Business Problems


Blockchain Essentials






IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer


Data Privacy Fundamentals


Accelerating Deep Learning with GPU




Educations / Trainings

October 2004 – March 2005
Training Linux evening classes in IPEPS of liège. (Module 1 & 2)

September 30, 2005
Presentation of .NET Framework 2.0 (seminar in Liège)

October 2005 – May 2006
Level 2: evening classes in Dutch language faculty of the University of Liège

Mai 10, 2007
Document Management Congress (seminar of the "Business Faculty Brussels")

September 25, 2007
Canon+ e-governement [Structuring more efficient work procedures] (seminar in Namur)

September 20, 2008
Educate staff of your company computer security (ICT seminar in Gosselies)

January 2010
Success of the English exam for the program "Twin". Level C1 (ALTE 4 Upper Advanced)

March 15, 16, 2012
NoSQL Databases - MongoDB (ULB - Esteban Zimanyi)

July 12, 13, 2012
AGILE SCRUM development methodology (Cognitic - Stéphane Faulkner)

September 17, 18, 19, 2012
ITIL Foundation v3 (EGILIA)

March 4 – 8 2013
PRINCE2 (EGILIA - Christian Descheemaekere)

May 28 – 31 2013
BioIT Asia Singapore

September 16, 17, 2013
UML2 (Cognitic)

January 30, 31 2014
Scrum Master (EGILIA)

November 16 – 20 2015
EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker & Countermeasures (Westcon Academy)

May 24 2016
Cyber Security (Vision Consulting in Brussels)

May 23 - 25 2017
BioIT Boston US (Presentation of OncoKDM on the booth)

October 27 2017
Training Regulatory Updates, ICH E6 R2 and safety training By GL expertise

November 20 2017
Manage and motivate his team (

July 2017 - June 2018
Coaching in management (




French / Italian

Native language



Spanish / Dutch





More details about these publications on my ResearchGate profile:

Jean-Francois Laes, Sebastien Sauvage, Gregori Ghitti. "Tumor-biopsy stratification based on mTOR-pathway activity and functional mutations in the upstream genes PIK3CA and PTEN." Oncotarget. 2017-09-28. PMID: 29137436

Jean-François Laes, Philippe Aftimos, Philippe Barthelemy, Joaquim Bellmunt, Guy Berchem, Carlos Camps, Ramon de las Penas, Ana Finzel, Jesus Garcia-Foncillas, Petteri Hervonen, Ibrahim Wahid, Timo Joensuu, Louis Kathan, Anthony Kong, James Mackay, Christos Mikropoulos, Kefah Mokbel, Jean-Loup Mouysset, Sergey Odarchenko, Timothy J. Perren, Rika Pienaar, Carlos Regonesi, Shadi Salem Alkhayyat, Abdul Rahman El Kinge, Omalkhair Abulkhair, Khaled Morsi Galal, Hady Ghanem, Fadi El Karak, Angel Garcia, Gregori Ghitti, and Helen Sadik. "The clinical impact of using complex molecular profiling strategies in routine oncology practice." Oncotarget. 2018-04-18. PMID: 29755651

Finzel, Ana, Helen Sadik, Gregori Ghitti, Jean-François Laes. "The combined analysis of solid and liquid biopsies provides additional clinical information to improve patient care." Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment [Online], 4.5 (2018): 21. Web. 2018-05-08






Liège - Belgium







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Family: play with my children, family excursions

Python, PHP


Linux: Ubuntu :)

Guitars: My favorite is my "La Patrie"

Travels: So many countries in past and so much to visit in the future. I've in mind the Iceland!

Brico: My dream is to build my own boat


Sailing: I'm an iode addict ;p My best trip was the Scilly Island, when at 5:30 I was at the helm with the rising sun, I saw the island

Photo: I'm NIKON!


Garden: Proud of my tomatoes